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Entrepreneurs Success Summit with Business Strategist, Valerie Priester, Empowers Startups & Business Owners

Entrepreneurs Success Summit- Valerie Priester It's time to smack business failure, frustration and overwhelm in the face and tell them to be gone for good. Murfreesboro, TN --I had the pleasure of interviewing another Les Brown top-earner expert and attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit. Meet Valerie Priester, a top-ranking business strategist who works with newbie business owners and those currently [...] Continue reading

[Business Feature] Robin Baker Gives The Secret Sauce to Newbie Writers & Playwrights

Robin Baker Gives The Secret Sauce to Women Writers on Playwriting RALEIGH, NC - Another woman writer, actress, and producer now gives behind the scenes tips to newbie writers and playwrights. Meet the incredible playwright, Robin Baker, who pulls no punches. She's no stranger to the writing community and remains astute as an influential figure to many actors and directors. Her writings pierce the mind, heart, [...] Continue reading

[Business Feature] Entrepreneur, Carolyn Edmondson, Takes Tulsa by Storm in Swing Dance Community

Carolyn Edmondson | Carolyn Edmondson Events TULSA, OK--True passion is rare these days. Finding someone who loves helping others and shows it without question in business, is one hidden gem. Meet Carolyn Edmondson, a people lover, assistant dance instructor, home-care owner, and fashionista. This business owner has a womanly-magic and style that finesses her brand uniquely. Carolyn Edmondson started swing-out dancing [...] Continue reading

Medium.Com Writer Features Jacqueline T Hill: Writer and Lifestyle Business Consultant

This article was originally posted on Medium.com, and written by Ahmad Ali, Website Developer Blogger & Writer at https://goo.gl/MEPB8L  Accomplished entrepreneur Jacqueline T. Hill provides her expertise as a writer and lifestyle business consultant to help people become better writers and entrepreneurs themselves. As a former certified teacher, it’s clear Jacqueline hones the gift for helping others develop [...] Continue reading

Jacqueline T. Hill Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber Monday Sale Dear Mompreneurs, Homeschool Moms, Moms with Struggling Students to Write, & Adult learners, It's Cyber Monday and I can't resist any longer. We're currently planning our new calendar. This outstanding thought interrupts our conversation. "Let's help out the parents and their children!"By now, you don't have to guess anymore about their writing ability. Here at TLA, we're [...] Continue reading