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[Business Feature] Entrepreneur, Carolyn Edmondson, Takes Tulsa by Storm in Swing Dance Community

TULSA, OK–True passion is rare these days. Finding someone who loves helping others and shows it without question in business, is one hidden gem. Meet Carolyn Edmondson, a people lover, assistant dance instructor, home-care owner, and fashionista. This business owner has a womanly-magic and style that finesses her brand uniquely.

Carolyn Edmondson started swing-out dancing in 2009. There were a few lapses for some time due to the inconsistency of instructors in the area. She visited TX quite often to learn more ways to swing-out dance. This style of dance is Carolyn’s passion. It gave her comfort during her late husband’s nursing home stay. After his passing and such a significant loss, swingout dance filled the void and helped to heal her of much grief.

“When I’m dancing, I go into another world,” says Carolyn. She wanted to do the same for others who may be experiencing something painful in their lives. Carolyn understands that many women can relate to “voids” and started to help fill them right in the living room of her home.

According to Carolyn, “there’s no place like home.” Home is where the heart is; it’s a place for togetherness and growing essential relationships. Vitality, also know as healthy, means much to Carolyn. And, she’ll fight for it to ensure clients experience this during her sessions.

Carolyn began teaching lessons in her home. Many of her friends wanted to dance, but felt like they had two left feet. “I remember how my instructor taught me,” she adds, “So, I learned and started teaching the basic moves.” This new business began with nine clients. With its growth, Carolyn and her team decided to hold events and swingout dance workshops.

The initial swingout workshop was in 2016 held in a gym. Carolyn could not believe the turn-out of people. This particular event included a two-hour seminar. Crowds rushed in from Houston and Dallas, TX. Her good friend, John Sigers, conducted this first workshop. He ensured that everyone understood the basic moves and could perform them.

Swingout dance has various styles. There are different ways to learn it. Every instructor teaches differently. “People don’t realize this,” says Carolyn. The dance is classy, smooth and elegant. Ladies must understand and know their six moves. Fellas lead with a strong, graceful momentum. They should also be creative ensuring the woman looks alluring and sexy at the same time.

“When you put on events, you must be a giver,” suggests Carolyn, “Take care of people who support and participate. Give them a little token.” Carolyn opens her events to the swingout community and newbies who desire to learn, grow and want voids filled. Now, Carolyn and her incredible team hosts and sponsors events annually.

Carolyn and her team have weekly swingout classes every Tuesday night in Tulsa at Flavors of Lousiana 2nd Room, 5800 S. Lewis Avenue, Suite 129. Private lessons are available.

This year Carolyn Edmondson will sponsor a new event for two nights: August 10th & 11th. Friday night will be an Ole’ School 70’s party, Meet & Greet. Saturday night is the red carpet, Black Tie Formal Affair. For more information, contact Carolyn or join the Carolyn Edmondson Events Facebook Group here.

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