Tools & Resources Your Writing And Business Need for Optimal Success

Tools & Resources Your Writing And Business Need for Optimal Success

Surefire Tools & Resources

Are you ready to take your business and writing to the next level with the right tools and resources?

You’re in the right place at the right time. Here you will get my top recommended tools and resources to use instantly to optimize your business and writing.

I currently use these tools and resources. They continue to yield OUTSTANDING results in my marketing and email campaigns. I generate leads, close sales and get likes and shares on social media. So, yes! They pass every test in my book. Many of them are imperative to my daily business and writing routines!

These tools and resources help me tremendously and will do the same for you.

Before you begin reading about the tools and resources, please note the following:

Are you familiar with affiliate links? If not, know that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you sign up as an affiliate with some sites, it means you can earn a commission for every purchase a new client or customer makes from your website or other platforms. It doesn’t cost you anything to earn the commission.

Once your systems are set up, you too can become affiliates with various businesses related to your niche to earn what is called passive income.

So, keep this in mind as you start your new journey as a writer and business owner.

I have experience with the companies I’m about to recommend to you. They continue to be extremely helpful and valuable to my business. I highly advise you not to make any purchases on these tools and resources–only unless you’re certain they will help you with your writing and business goals.

Writing Tools & Resources

ProWritingAid – This tool is incredible! I use it a lot for editing and revising. Here’s the part I truly love; it checks for plagiarism. They have a free and premium version. I don’t recommend relying on it solely for fiction writing. You know that some of the fiction structures and rules are different than nonfiction.

Website & Hosting Tools & Resources

Godaddy – I highly recommend starting here. Godaddy has many services for websites. The main ones I use and suggest to my clients are purchasing a domain name and at least two business email address. Please, please use the dot com for your domain name. You will make a one-time payment for the year.

Hostgator – This is one site that will host your website. Your website needs this to be live and visible for searching.

WordPress – Purchase a WordPress template and the business plan. Definitely, use so you can own it. I understand if your budget doesn’t permit this. WordPress dot com has a free version for your needs. But, as soon as possible, switch over to WordPress dot Org.

Video Tools & Resources

Vimeo – This platform is great for upload videos for your courses. All you have to do is send a link to your subscribers for the courses after they pay.

YouTube – You can upload all of your videos here as well. YouTube will help you rank higher in Google’s search engine.

Zoom  – I use Zoom for LIVE workshops, masterclasses, trainings and video conferences. They have a free and paid version. Works well for LIVE classes too.

Screencast-O-Matic – Records directly on your screen. Great to use for making courses and masterclasses.

Graphics Creation

Canva – Great for creating picture and quote graphics for your social media posting. You can design your book covers for physical or ebooks. They have a free and paid version.

WordSwag – This is a free app you can download to your iPhone or Android. It allows you lots of flexibility to work from your mobile device. WordSwag also helps you design your picture and quote graphics for social media posting.

Automation Tools

MailChimp – This is good for email automation. You can schedule broadcasts and create email campaigns to send to your email lists. They have a free version. Their opt-in forms are easy to apply to any blog, landing or product page to collect email addresses. I recommend this one to my clients when first starting out on a small budget.

Convertkit – I currently use Convertkit. This service handles all of my opt-in’s, funnels and email marketing campaigns. There is a monthly fee that requires a larger budget. I find this one to be more user-friendly than Aweber.

Auto Posting Tools For Social Media

Planoly for Instagram – I love planoly. It allows you to schedule posts without first getting notifications to hit submit button and is user-friendly. They have different price options for your needs including a free verison.

Facebook Auto Posting – If your budget is too small, don’t forget to take advantage of Facebook’s scheduler. You’ll need a business page to use it.

Later & – Another great scheduling tool for posting to your social media channels. They require a small fee monthly after the free version expires.

Sprout Social – This scheduling platform is a bit pricier. They have a 30-day free trial with lots of support from representatives.

Shopping Cart & Tools

Paypal – A free payment platform that allows you to put the right buttons and forms on your page for your products and service. Please read their return policy. It integrates well with WordPress and Aweber.

Sam Cart – This payment option works well, too. There is a monthly fee to consider before signing up. If you’re making money now, I highly recommend this service. It also integrates with WordPress and Aweber.

SoundCloud – One of many awesome places to host your podcasts. iTunes is another. Soundcloud has a free and paid version. Of course, with upgrading, you get more perks. For example, they only allow you to embed the coding on your site after so many times, like around the third upload. The embed code works best for your mini blog post on your website.

A microphone from Amazon: PowerDeWise – I highly recommend this mic for podcasts. It works great at reducing any noise. Plug it into your laptop, computer or cell phone. I love how it sounds while using Apple devices. Your vocals and words are crystal clear for your audience. Also, I paid under $15 for it.


The Ultimate Guide to Writing NonFiction Through Your Fears by me– My first book to hit the market. I help the aspiring writer, blogger, and pro with common writing struggles. I give seven solid keys to help you write with more clarity and how to get your name or brand exposure and reach to the right markets for purchase. This book also shows you how to research properly with your market in mind.

Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin – This book will help you understand the power of what I call using the ladder to success and removes you from the traditions of network marketing. If you’re looking to truly solve problems in your market and community, and make success gains at the same time, then this book is for you.

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen – Looking to elevate your mind for writing and business? Allen helps you understand the power of your mindset and how most of our surroundings reflect our thought-process. In other words, how you think manifests in your everyday behaviors and decisions. I began to look at my life, business and writing differently after reading this book.

Free Graphics & Photos Tools – Sign up for free with unsplash dot com. They’ll also send you new photos weekly. This website offers for you to give photo credit to the photographer. What a great exchange, right? It’s really a win-win for everyone. You post the picture free and the photographer gets credit. – Many writers, content creators, bloggers and graphic designers use both unsplash and pixabay dot com. They have a free and paid version for graphic usage. The free version still helps and works wonderfully for what you’re trying to achieve on your site and in your posts.

Additional Tools & Resources

The 90-Day Writing Challenge – As a writer and business owner, a blog is one essential component of your website. This resource helps you to understand the purpose of a 90-day challenge and how it positions you and your website as an expert.

New Writers & Authors: Here Are 5 Dangerous Reasons To Not Own A Website – I often see new writers and authors exhausting other platforms–putting in hard work for engagement and sharing incredible content. This same work and effort can be used for your website. For the record, I am pro website and stand behind the “why” of websites for new authors and writers.

How To Find $100 For Your Writing & Business – Marketing budgets are one of the leading issues for newbie writers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Why? Most of them don’t have a marketing budget. When I speak with potential clients, one of my questions is: Do you have a budget for marketing? Most of the replies are, “No!”

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