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Medium.Com Writer Features Jacqueline T Hill: Writer and Lifestyle Business Consultant

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Accomplished entrepreneur Jacqueline T. Hill provides her expertise as a writer and lifestyle business consultant to help people become better writers and entrepreneurs themselves. As a former certified teacher, it’s clear Jacqueline hones the gift for helping others develop themselves and live their lives productively. As a savvy businesswoman, Jacqueline possesses a wealth of knowledge and years of experience as a teacher, writer and entrepreneur, which allows her to seamlessly help people achieve the success they desire.

With a mission to help online writers and business owners, her comprehensive writing and business tools will help people to become better content writers and business owners. Whether you’re just starting out or established and need guidance, Jacqueline can help you to propitiously transform, reinvent and jump-start the way you write and grow your business. Her precise methods for teaching success draws inspiration and influences others to grow while enhancing their voice, style and overall structure of content they’re writing.

Jacqueline T. Hill the writer

Jacqueline writes to inspire others along their journey as writers. Her written works are motivational pieces, spanning an array of different topics. Not only does Jacqueline write on business and writer content, she also delves into relationship content and teaches ways to build, balance and achieve successful relationships whether they are friendships or business relationships. The motivation of her writing comes from her personal growth and willingness to teach others what she has experienced in life and building her brand as an entrepreneur.

Jacqueline T. Hill the lifestyle business consultant

As a lifestyle business consultant, Jacqueline consults people in the many ways they build better absolute business plans that are attainable and ways to market their businesses to create, achieve and retain business success. Her free consultation strategies proves effective for many of the people she has helped to achieve their life goal. Her remarkable nature of to provide business tools tailored to an individuals needs, readily sets the foundation for gaining absolute business success. Starting out Jacqueline was able to shift her career within 90 days which grew her business.

As a multifaceted entrepreneur, she has successfully worked online and built three lucrative companies. Jacqueline’s methods have proven dutifully true to helping people better their businesses with better marketing strategies and marketing content. Retaining success shows that you’ve worked hard for it, and that is exactly what Jacqueline does. She works tirelessly, relevantly and mindfully of her content to make sure her content is well suited to comprehensively span across a broad audience and teach others how to gain success.

Jacqueline proves herself a success by her works being published by highly reputable companies and higher education institutions. Some of her writings can be found in, Digital Journal, SmallBiz, Indie Soul and We Buy Black. Her business services provides TLA academy, which she will help you build your small business, brand and writing skills. Her expert consulting services helps to establish branding, provide better marketing, write better Facebook ads as well as ghostwriting, editing and general writing. Also, she offers the opportunities to mentor and advertise with her. Achieve due success with Jacqueline and reshape your future as a writer and business owner.


Jacqueline T. Hill loves tattooing words to fresh pages daily. She will lure you into highly emotional feels through her writings that show and tell about finding love, friendships, and forgiveness through real world struggles that resonate with her readers. She is a published writer and a contributor on major platforms including LifeHack. From collegiate levels to professional outlets, Jacqueline has major works in her library including poems, short stories, essays and other works like "The Gospel According to Jazz: Tribute to Jackson Pollock's Autumn Rhythm, Jill Wishes, Sweet Inspirations Celebrating Written Art: Tribute to Nikki Giovanni," published through North Carolina Central University—contributing Editor & Judge. She is also the author of Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies Dance to Jazz, The Last Dance Before Love a book series in literary fiction, and a plethora of nonfiction books.⁣ Jacqueline holds a BA in English/Writing, a Master of Divinity, and a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership & Administration. Now, she serves as a writer, book marketing coach and Administrator for Secondary Schools in Texas.⁣ Jacqueline has a growing community on her website You can also connect with Jacqueline on Facebook at and Instagram at During her free time, she enjoys reading books, traveling, dancing, nature walks, movies and drinking iced chai lattes with soy.

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