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[Small Business Feature] CC’s Cupcake Heaven: The Sweetest Taste of Happy

Fort Worth, TX has the ultimate spot for cupcakes: CC’s Cupcake Heaven.

Friends and family who eat CC’s Cupcakes and sweets can’t stop raving about them.

Meet Michelle and David McCracken, the owners of CC’s Cupcake Heaven in Fort Worth. They’re known all over town for their freshly made popping flavors and “real butter” ingredient used in their delicious icing.
CC’s Cupcake Heaven is known for their fabulous delectable cupcakes, wedding cakes, eclairs, creme puffs, tiramisu cupcake, Italian tiramisu, shaved chocolate, and fresh mascarpone.

This company is no stranger to Fort Worth.

Michelle and David have owned this business for over six years. Moving from California to Texas, CC’s Cupcake Heaven began six months later. A family-owned establishment, Michelle’s sister, brother-in-law, and parents contribute to day-to-day routines, which is a tremendous help because it frees Michelle to focus on what she loves most–baking.

The name CC’s Cupcake Heaven came into existence through a fond memory shared with Michelle’s sister.  As little girls, they exchanged many sentiments through writing, and would always put in the closing, “Love CC.” These memories certainly make the name connectable to their customers. The cupcakes are sweet, baked with love and you get a taste of heaven, too.

Her passion for baking began at six years old.

Initially, Michelle and her sister baked cookies with their mom and tortillas with friends. Baking at this age became an affectionate way of expression for Michelle, especially when her grandparents visited. The aroma of hot cookies became the expectation. “When will the cookies be done,” asked her grandparents with smiles.
Michelle continued to nurture her love for baking by working for an Italian restaurant, Alberston’s and attending school for two years. She calls this the “hands-on” experience.  At one particular place, Michelle baked ten cakes at a time. “It helps you get used to the repetitive motion of it,” she adds.
Upon moving to Texas, Michelle noticed a difference in the climate conditions. She explains how California temperatures are dryer and Texas is humid. “The humidity affects the cakes, so hot days are a challenge,” says Michelle. But, customer’s and clients will never notice this because she has mastered how to keep the deliveries elegant and professional. Customers are happy and keep returning to her services.

High peak seasons for CC’s Cupcake Heaven are during graduation months and weddings.

They offer an array of cupcakes in many flavors. Interestingly, Michelle and David get inspiration from ice cream flavors, drinks, candy bars, cookies, and movies. “Inspiration is everywhere,” to come up with ideas for naming each cupcake. One of their popular cupcake ideas comes from the movie, “Elf.”

It’s a melt-in-your-mouth maple cupcake with chocolate chip cookie dough filling. And, includes scrumptious maple buttercream topping that looks like spaghetti sprinkled with M & M’s, drenched with maple syrup. One can’t forget the mouth-watering fondant that looks like a chewed piece of gum.

Michelle’s greatest rewards come from hearing back from her customers and clients. They post reviews on the CC’s Cupcake Heaven Facebook page. She comments, “No one is perfect. There’s always room for improvement.” Customer feedback contributes to business growth and progression. But, the customers rave daily about their cupcakes. “My husband and son go every week to Ridgemar just to get me a red velvet cupcake,” remarks one nail salon business owner.

“I just like to make people happy. So, what better way than to make them happy by giving them something sweet to eat,” Michelle says. A happy customer makes a happy business.
 CC’s Cupcake Heaven will soon transition from their Ridgemar Mall location and will host a community bake sale on January 27th. Visit their Facebook page for future updates.


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