About Jacqueline T Hill

Lifestyle Business Consultant. Writer. Motivational Speaker.

Our mission is to empower business owners and content creators with tools to increase their income online and live a life of freedom and abundance.

Jacqueline T. Hill is an astute businesswoman who refers to herself as a VERSATILE BOSS.

With many successful writers and small businesses under her wing, she purposely offers individualized and customized step-by-step tools for their company’s growth. Jacqueline currently serves clients and customers all over the world. Her writings and editing services are featured publicly and in high educational settings.

She has served as an Educator and in Administrative positions.

Jacqueline has over two decades of experience as a writer, consultant, and teacher. A former certified High School English Teacher, and former Pastor she has assisted many students, community leaders, aspiring business owners, and families in areas of writing, graphic design, branding, marketing campaigns, consulting, and coaching.

Jacqueline’s career shift jump-started in less than 90 days!

She is a business-witness that a VERSATILE BOSS can achieve gains of over $10,000 per month. Will YOU be the next Writer or Business Owner high monthly earner? As an IGNITABLE presence, she creates results with change everywhere. Experts in related fields refer to her as a “quiet-storm who penetrates the soul with passion.”

Jacqueline T. Hill is an astute community leader & motivational speaker

For over a combined 20 years, Jacqueline has helped an innumerable amount of women, men, and youth develop new lifestyles in areas of business, book writing, and content creation. She speaks in various contexts including but not limited to non-profit organizations, in church settings, educational institutions, workshops, seminars, events and conferences. Jacqueline has published works and is a contributing editor on many platforms. From the collegiate levels to professional outlets, Jacqueline is no stranger to the writing medium or business world.

A few major works include

Poems, essays, short stories and non-fiction like The Gospel According To Jazz: Tribute to Jackson Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm, Jill Wishes, Sweet Inspirations Celebrating Written Art: Tribute to Nikki Giovanni, published through North Carolina Central University—contributing Editor & Judge. She is also an author of the book Writing Your Best. And is currently working on three new book projects.
She has been seen on and writes for a few large platforms like BuzzFeed, Medium, We Buy Black, VoyageDallas, Succeed As Your Own Boss, Digital Journal, and many more!

Jacqueline will find ways to help others connect self, text, other, or world to “self.”

Her writings surely get the readers involved, communicating and reflecting through a practical lens perpetually. She is also a prolific teacher and mentor. Jacqueline has developed many professional courses and curriculums.
She understands varying learning styles, and now her works have landed on a new platform. Jacqueline also provides individualized communication services for non-profits, businesses, and writers.
Her specific specialty in business consulting is showing business owners how to leverage their skills, products, and services in their specific markets. She evaluates websites and social media platforms to ensure alignment, presentation and content are used correctly for the audience, lead generation increased traffic and to generate increases in sales.
Jacqueline creates customized plans for each business, provides solutions and shifts weak areas to solid, concrete strengths for the company. She also helps businesses gain more reach and exposure to an audience of over 500K in less than 30 days.
 Her strategies and tools help business owners, new writers, and intermediate writers get impressive results expeditiously. She is known for her “relevant and affectionately rigorous” teaching style that authors and business owners find easy to understand and implement. She has been working online successfully and has built three successful companies including her current business “The Living Acts Corporation.”
Her first business was literally built in her bedroom with a desk and desktop computer. Presently, Jacqueline is sparking profits for herself, clients and customers. She still does work, but now, with a laptop on the couch… and an iMac on the dinette table… and when traveling the world with her husband.
She launched the Teenpreneur program in January 2018 to the surrounding community FREE to at-risk youth. This effort provides needed tools and strategies for learners to effectively write business plans, prepare an online presence and execute their ideas to their markets.
Jacqueline graduated cum laude with a BA in English/Writing from Bloomfield College. She went on to attend Drew University Theological School, also graduating cum laude, with a Master of Divinity. She completed her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership & Administration from Northcentral University. She will begin her Doctoral studies in Fall of 2018.
She is married to Leonard Hill. Enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and dancing. Most importantly, Jacqueline LOVES iced Chai Latte’s from Starbucks.