Entrepreneurs Success Summit- Valerie Priester

Entrepreneurs Success Summit with Business Strategist, Valerie Priester, Empowers Startups & Business Owners

It’s time to smack business failure, frustration and overwhelm in the face and tell them to be gone for good.

Murfreesboro, TN –I had the pleasure of interviewing another Les Brown top-earner expert and attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit. Meet Valerie Priester, a top-ranking business strategist who works with newbie business owners and those currently feeling like throwing in the towel.

She throws it back and teaches you how to catch it with a new electrifying business mindset, skillset and proven 6-figure strategies. Valerie Priester is no stranger to understanding what it takes to build a successful business.

Even her clients will confirm that she’s a sharp-shooter, cuts to the chase to tell you what you’re doing wrong, why your strategy isn’t working and what you really need in order to fix your business weaknesses.

Those in attendance received hands-on training, had the opportunity to ask direct questions about business tools, and develop a new mindset towards goals for 2019.

The summit successfully exposes registrants to a mindset of successful thinking, personal branding tactics, entrepreneurial success formulas, and panel discussions, spicy facebook ads made easy, automation, podcasting for brand visibility, and live streaming for visibility.

Every person now has a plan and blueprint for implementation. This crowd came to an event feeling overwhelm, confusion and stuck. But exited righteously with incredible attitudes and new outlooks on their businesses.

Perhaps you didn’t attend the summit. Here, Valerie Priester offers more background and outstanding knowledge to help your business growth.

Read the live interview, but only if you dare to dream higher and make it to the top.

1. Tell the readers a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do? Add anything else you want to share.

I live in Nashville, TN. I am a Certified Business & Life Strategist, Certified Les Brown Coach, Speaker, & Trainer, a Motivational Speaker, and an Amazon Best-Selling Author.

Many call me the Master Coach of the Coaches. I help female heart-centered coaches eliminate frustration, confusion, and fear so they can confidently launch their business.

When I first started my coaching practice, I didn’t have anyone to guide me through the process of building a business around the skillset of coaching.

I struggled for years trying to figure it out on my own. My passion now is to help as many new coaches as possible avoid the same pitfalls I experienced.

You help new entrepreneurs and new business owners, as well as already existing business owners, who feel confused and overwhelmed with a 6-figure blueprint to scale higher in 90-days or less.

Business Owners Make 6-Figures with Business Strategist, Valerie Priester2. Can you share some advice and one or two of your strategies with everyone?

The most valuable advice I can give new entrepreneurs and new business owners is to start with the end in mind. Start with your vision.

What’s the vision you hold for your business? You often hear people say they want to make 6-figures, but the truth is, this may not be your vision for your business.

Too many times entrepreneurs and business owners go in with a picture of what someone else thinks should be their definition of success.

Define success for yourself. If you’re in a stage of life where you want a business that generates $50k a year, hold that as your vision and create a plan to achieve it.

I teach my clients the two most important things they must be clear about; 1) whom they want to serve, and 2) what problem they want to solve.

When there’s clarity around these two things, the new entrepreneur or new business owner can easily plot the course to success – be it a 6-figure or 5-figure empire.

3. Will you offer a little more advice to struggling business owners about how to scale up, level up and increase sales?

One way to scale up, level up, and increase sales is to niche down. What I find to be true of many business owners is they are afraid to claim a real niche.

They usually feel that they will lose money by niching down. The truth is, you make more money when you claim a real niche.

Getting clear on your niche helps with your marketing message, which in turn helps more people self-identify with what you have to offer, which equates to more sales.

4. The “Entrepreneurs Success Summit” –Tell the readers a little background about the event.

We will do a deep dive into practices and routines that help develop a mindset of successful thinking.

We will also help those that come equipped set up the three basic systems required for a business; email marketing system, an online scheduling system, and payment system.

If there’s an interest in podcasting, they will learn how to set up their podcast, how to use podcasting to enhance their brand and visibility effectively, and we will provide a resource guide to help them get the right equipment for podcasting.

We will help the attendees learn how to use social media to enhance their brand and gain exposure. And, another segment will cover how to use Facebook Ads. There will be a panel discussion about taxes, banking/finance, human resources, and legal business structure.

Moreover, the Entrepreneurs Success Summit is designed as an intensive VIP Work Tank. We expect the attendees to bring their laptops, tablets, iPads and be ready to do the work. This is not your typical rah-rah, motivation, inspiration event. I believe we’ve had enough motivation; it’s time for implementation.

5. What are some things the attendees gleaned from the Entrepreneur Success Summit?

The attendees were sure to walk away equipped and ready to implement what they learned. We also wanted them to do the work right on the spot which is why they came with their laptops, tablets, or iPads.

 We did a deep dive into practices and routines that helped to develop a mindset of successful thinking. Those who came equipped received set up for the three basic systems required for a business; email marketing system, an online scheduling system, and payment system.

Additionally, we assisted those interested in podcasting get their podcast set up, teaching them how to effectively use podcasting to enhance their band and visibility, and gave a resource guide to help them get the right equipment for podcasting.

 The attendees learned how to use social media to enhance their brand and gain exposure, and Facebook ads on a small budget. We had a panel discussion about taxes, banking/finance, human resources, and legal business structure.

6. How do you balance business ownership, coaching, being a mother and wife?

I’m fortunate in that all our children are adults and they were when I started my business. However, I’m still a wife and when I started my business I was working a very stressful career as a Lead Project Manager for the largest medical center in Detroit Michigan. I used to work 12 – 14 hour days, come home and spend another 2 – 3 hours working on my business.

 I don’t really believe in ‘balance’. When we try to balance things I believe we create more stress and anxiety for ourselves. What I practice and teach my clients to practice is prioritizing and setting boundaries. I have been a full-time entrepreneur since 2012.

My husband has been retired for well over 10 years now. One way I set boundaries with my husband is, we have an agreement, I am responsible for breakfast and dinner and he’s responsible for his own lunch.

There are times when I cannot keep my end of the agreement because of client appointments, thank God my husband can cook so he supports me by preparing his own breakfast or dinner.

Another way I set boundaries is I communicate my office hours to my clients. In my contracts, I clearly state my hours and I let my clients know that I will respond to emails and phone calls within 48 business hours/days.

Being an entrepreneur can lead to bad work ethics because we are usually passionate about our work so we don’t set the proper boundaries.

I prioritize my work days by using a weekly schedule and time blocking. This practice is very easy for me given my former career as a Project Manager, I live by a schedule.

I prepare my schedule on Saturday for the week ahead. I understand that this may be a little daunting for some people. If that’s you, try doing a To-Do list at the end of each day in preparation for the next day. Being prepared is a requirement for success.

7. Where can people find you and info about you?

I am Valerie Priester across all social media. I have a private Facebook group for Female Heart-Conscious Coaches. Join me by visiting http://bit.ly/heartconsciouscoaches


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