Dangerous Reasons To Not Have A Website

PODCAST The 3 Most Dangerous Reasons To Not Have A Website

In this podcast, I discuss in great detail the 3 most dangerous reasons to not have a website. There’s much debate out there about whether or not you need one.
Website? Do you have one? You might be an author, writer for various platforms, consultant, coach, etc. The reality is if you’re with the crowd who says, “No, you don’t,” your business may be in danger. 
Some rising experts believe you don’t need a website. But traditional experts say differently. When it comes to a website, my feelings definitely relate to other entrepreneurs.
They experience daily, monthly and yearly true performance, profits and sales from their websites. Thus, writers and bloggers use websites in other ways to increase these areas.
Whether you have a website or not, we all have challenges in our businesses. And the bottom line is that we want to solve problems and make money.  However, how we leverage online platforms to do this is a different story.

Although the market shifts literally from day-to-day, we’re still on the fence about whether or not a website is necessary for business.

Let me tell you, I am totally pro-websites and I thoroughly teach my clients the reasons why it’s needed. When I begin to show them the other side of the coin, I get no resistance.

If anything, I’ve grown a new dendrite and showed them new ways to make money.   A website is like your house. It’s the physical place to your domain.

In essence, it gives you the freedom to be a creative business owner. You get to really brand yourself, show off your products and services.

I talk about the 3 most dangerous reasons to not have a website. Each one is explained thoroughly enough for you to apply instantly in the areas of traffic, sales, and optimized performance.
A website is a primary factor in running a business and writing because you’ll not only reach your goals but maintain them and scale-up faster.
I teach weekly and educate my clients who are writers, authors and business owners on ways to optimize their websites for better performance and profits. When you lack the right teacher, you lack the right education.

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