ReBranding Your Business

PODCAST: ReBranding Your Business with Ires Alliston

We’re talking about ReBranding Your Business in today’s podcast. Ever find yourself needing to upgrade or change your business image?

Rebranding your business is all about image. You may have started a business and stopped after a few years. Perhaps the business has a new name or vision. In any event, these are necessary and great reasons for rebranding.

My guest today is an expert in this field. Help me welcome Ires Alliston, who is a graduate of the Les Brown Institute. She gleaned many best entrepreneurial practices from her mother. Owning a business in 2011, she used self-proven strategies and tools to rebrand this company to her present one: the Alliston Group.

During our conversation, she reveals powerful meanings to branding. We also discuss her proven strategies and tools. One important takeaway from this conversation is the way Ires teaches the difference between marketing and branding. I mean she breaks this down better than ANY reading or podcast out there.

It is sometimes necessary to reposition yourself for your followers. “Branding” is about you–your image,” says Ires with intense passion. People will remember you because of what you put in their minds, in front of their eyes and consistency.

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Special thanks to Ires for joining me this week. Until next time! Peace!



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