Nutrition: Your Health & Your Body with Julie Duncan

Podcast Nutrition: Your Health & Your Body with Julie Duncan

We’re talking about Nutrition: Your Health & Your Body with Nutrition Expert Julie Duncan in today’s podcast. Ever find yourself eating too late, sitting too much at your home workstation, or experiencing too many allergy symptoms?

How to optimize your body and health while working from home is an important part of entrepreneurship because it enables you to be alert, sharp and aware in your business. You may feel extremely fatigued and eat the wrong foods all due to not being health conscious. I mean really. Eating a loaded cheeseburger with fries and a strawberry milkshake is not the way to conclude your day. Thus, it’s not the best in calories.

My guest today is an expert in this field. Help me welcome Julie Duncan. She’s a beautiful wife, mom, lover of photography and nature. She discovered many best entrepreneurial practices from her work experience, writing and research. Now embarking upon the entrepreneurial scene, Julie is certainly one who knows her market and niche.

During this episode, she talks about surefire ways to change your diet, improve movement throughout your day and the importance of specific liquid intake. We also dive into her suggested apps that help you with notifications. One impressive observation from this conversation is the way Julie connects healthy living to her personal story and soon-to-be-released book.

As you grow in entrepreneurship, your mindset begins to shift towards healthy living and your body. The objective is for you to have the lifestyle you desire while having financial freedom. After changing your eating habits with a focus on plant-based foods and herbs, your lifestyle and business will flourish in fresh ways.

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Special thanks to Julie for joining me this week. Until next time! Peace!

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