7 Facts No One Tells You About Small Business Startup


Many millennials continue to align with the digital world. However, there should be a slight concern with some of the baby boomers.

The digital world is multiplying. Changes occur daily and while we sleep. Throughout the night, the other side of the world works profusely using digital as a way of life. This computer age continues to shock experts and digital marketers. Millennials and baby boomers are part of this progress.

Millennials, do you remember your first computer and when the rise of the world wide web began?

It started in the 1990’s. Before the web, the internet has existed more than 50 years in the United States. A friend surprised me with a computer for my 19th birthday.

The tech who built it came to set it up. He included lessons with his set up. (A smart strategy for marketing, by the way).

The lesson included how to turn on the tower and monitor, how to connect the wires for dial-up internet, how to use AOL, set up a username and password, and how to surf the web.

At that time, AOL, founded in 1985, was one of the leading, primary sites.

There weren’t as many search engines during this period like today. One could see, however, the growth potential of the internet. It has indeed expanded and continues to do so.

Websites were scarce. But, companies had them. And, they began to pop up as fast as popcorn. Small businesses took advantage of designing them because it was the best thing to do.

Plus, they had information to get to new customers. The Large companies had no other choice but to jump on the bandwagon because the internet became their most dominant competitor.

I had a graphics business during the rise of websites and graphics. Small companies relied on my creative services for direct response postcards for their enhancements.

One area I did not delve into was content writing, however. I focused on how many website pages, their colors, page-types and graphics.

My ultimate goal was to work with diligence and value so that they would refer my services. It worked, too!

Babyboomers with the expansion of digital spinning to social media platforms, cell phones, ebooks, websites, webinars, digital newsletters, email, e-commerce, blogs, to name a few; there are consultation shifts in conversation. Millenials are aware of some of these changes.

I observe that many small businesses get “lost in the hot sauce” per se. They lose focus by putting forth more efforts in social media and lack balance with all avenues.

The central conflicts are the lack of knowledge of internet marketing and sales. Also, trying to understand digital language and application overall. Many of their website pages are incomplete.

Others are merely clueless as to where to begin and how to start. Interestingly, the age era for this group is many of the baby-boomers.

There remains a remnant of them who are traditionalists in their direct response market thinking. So, digital is a complete learning curve for them.

Even so, many millennials fit into this digital uncertainty realm. I also consult with one’s in this age who are just as clueless.

Their limited grasps of digital are partially due to following what looks appealing and from what most do incorrectly with digital marketing.

WHY MILLENNIALS AND BABY BOOMERS NEED DIGITAL MARKETING ADVICE IN BUSINESSBoth eras have excellent business ideas but don’t know where to begin or how to start. During our conversations, I learn that they feel overwhelmed due to trying many avenues mostly to no avail.

After speaking with new people, I observe that they have no clue as to how to begin. Many have incomplete websites and too many social media accounts to handle.

Millennials and baby boomers who are entrepreneurs need good, accurate conversations with experts to organize and plan out stages for their ideas efficiently. These sessions should show you how to:

Optimize your website using SEO. This helps to rank your site and for it to appear when people search for your name, brand or business.

Find keywords and hashtags related to your market. Always research keywords and hashtags using Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Pinterest, Instagram, SemRush, etc.

Build & Promote your brand. Share your content, ebooks, blogs, articles on as many platforms within your market and niche. If you don’t put yourself out there, people will not know about or find you.

Write content and copy. If you’re not secure in the area of writing copy, find a copywriter. Also, write long-form blogs or articles on your site and guest post for others. This gives you more exposure and builds an online portfolio.

Target multiple market niches. There are many layers to you as both millennials and baby boomers. Your market and niche will grow and expand. You may even find that it’ll change because of your learnings and progress. Change is normal. It’s part of the process and research.

Write Your Bio. Optimize your bio. Your bio should “sale” your expertise and experience. I don’t suggest using a “traditional” bio during your beginner stages. As your brand gets more recognition, it will change from time to time for your audience. Meanwhile, hire a web content writer to write your new bio. Another option is to study the writing style of other bio’s from your competitors and even in new niches, not like yours.

Develop your Facebook and Social Media Business Pages. I can’t stress this enough. To help promote your brand, social media, online groups, etc. ensures growth for your fanbase.

Use PR for faster recognition. This strategy is a catch twenty-two. It works for some and maybe not for others. Both are understandable. I suggest giving it a try for your new product, book or service. Should reporters pick up the press release (some will), this gives you more exposure and reach. I’ve secured lots of new clients through PR.


Finally, all of the above is written from my experience, observations, and assessments. I believe that millennials and baby boomers can find incredible success with using digital marketing. You can also save on lots of marketing costs.

I wanted to save one last piece of advice for last because it’s a critical piece to the puzzle of any digital marketing strategy.

Write Blogs, articles, and content. To blog or not to blog. That is the question. There are writing experts who feel it’s a waste of time. But that’s just it. Those who don’t agree with it are actually “blogging” to tell you not to. They feel you should write articles. I highly suggest for you write with three things: blogging, content writing, and articles. They will enhance your portfolio. Be sure to optimize them.


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