Podcast 7 Ways To Keep Motivation in Your Business

In this podcast, I discuss how to keep motivation in your business. You might be an author, writer for various platforms, consultant, coach, etc. Days will surface that make you feel less motivated. 
Motivation has its standard meanings, but I came up with a few. My definitions definitely relate to what entrepreneurs experience daily, monthly and yearly. In other words, we all have challenging days and encounters. However, how we handle them speaks volumes about our character and tenacity to push through to win.

Although business and writing have its challenging days, the saying remains, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” What I like about this quote is, in essence, it gives you the freedom to be creative. In other words, you can have whatever you like and the way you like it. Motivation allows you to give your best and show off outstanding qualities. You now have the option to demonstrate incredible decisions under pressure.

So, what is motivation? It means to keep momentum and drive towards your goals, dreams, and endeavors. It’s what inspires you to keep going. The driving force from within that leads you towards greater. Maintaining your ambitions. The actual definitions are the “reasons one has for behaving or acting a particular way.” Secondly, it says, “The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.” These meanings ring true but I talk more in-depth from experiences many of us deal with.

I talk about 7 ways to keep motivation. Each one is explained thoroughly enough for you to apply instantly. Motivation is the primary force to running a business and writing because obstacles can sometimes deter you from your goals.

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