Podcast 2017 Highlights: Strengths, Weaknesses And New Year Goals

This podcast offers highlights from 2017. I give very transparent reflections from my business encounters. Do you find yourself reflecting on should-of could-of would-of’s?

Strengths and weaknesses bring balance to humans. Depending on your perspective, they either help you or keep away from dealing with reality.

So, why not reflect? Reflection and analysis are essential components in owning a company.

At first glance, daily reflections are great ways to assess yourself, your day’s, your relationships and your business. I journal daily my experiences and encounters. I write about the good, the bad and the ugly. This form of writing helps me improve and grow in business.

I decided to take you into my journal space with this episode. I open up about many mistakes, my strengths and new plans beginning in January. Moreover, you will hear in these highlights explicit details of what not to do in your business.

2017 Highlights One Big Lesson. 

One thing’s for certain, it’s great to learn from the mistakes of others. My biggest lesson this year taught me to just be me. When you hear people say this, they mean it. I love listening to audio’s and reading about what other’s do and how. However, it’s very easy to not only flow with the rivers but get caught under many currents. These experiences can cause exhaustion and fatigue, which aren’t healthy.

So, 2017 Highlights that “I’m moving forward; not going back. I’m moving ahead. Here to declare to you my past is over. All things are made new,” and new things lie ahead.

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