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PODCAST: Lead Generation Tools for 2018 with Curtis Lee Harbin

This podcast episode talks about Lead Generation Tools you need for 2018. The new year is almost here. I want to give business owners some fresh ideas on generating leads.

Lead Generation Tools should be apart of a business. I remember first starting. Lead generation didn’t make the top of my list. It’s there now–about 5 months later. If you’re not getting leads for your product or service, Curtis Lee Harbin says, “get on board with this now.” He goes into beast mode with understanding Lead Generation Tools. Giving it full throttle, Curtis doesn’t hold back on this one. He’s an entrepreneur, motivator, and catalyst for change. He will definitely bring a change in your business providing you with necessary tools and strategies for implementation.

I witness how he helps many by giving weekly tips to grow your business and build relationships after getting leads. In this episode, we’ll talk about what lead generation is, the tools you should have and implement now and in 2018.

On average, sources suggest that business owners should get at least 15 to 20 leads per day. If you’re just starting out, no worries. And please don’t feel pressure from this. It’s perfectly fine, to begin with, 5 to 10 leads. Many top earners left lots of money on the table. They learned the craft of getting website traffic. However, didn’t use or have the right tools in place to convert this traffic into leads.

Curtis Lee Harbin will help you understand lead generation. In addition, the tools and strategies he talks about compare to none. This area in your business can scale upwards after listening to it. Hence, you’ll grasp why lead generation plays a very important role in your business. Once you learn this, get ready to make more money.

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Special thanks to Curtis for joining me this week. Until next time! Peace!


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