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How Can I Change My Life for the Better?

God knows you work hard daily. You desire a better life and are ready for a change. Tired. Exhausted. And, get little to no results. The tasks can feel daunting and overwhelming. Here’s a reality when nothing works where you are, it’s time to move to another area. This area may mean a physical move with your family and belongings or a shift to something else. Essentially, you’re on the wrong side of the sea. Time to get away from shallow waters and launch your nets into the deep. The one hand of the sea is always of little depth. But, the other side is more extensive. It extends beyond the light’s surface. There awaits the abundance. So, let down your nets on the new side.

At first glance, hubby and I recently enjoyed a much-needed vacation. While away, I used the time to rest my brain, meditate, regroup and reflect. Rest plays an important part in the journey. Rest helps you regain focus, clarity, new meanings, and fresh ideas. It’s certainly invigorating and rejuvenating. You learn things and see them with a new perspective. And, sometimes during the moment of rest, you begin to allow God to speak to you. This trip taught me two things: God speaks a word all the time because He is the word and how to live by every word God gives to us.

Interestingly, God spoke the very last day to my heart–literally at the ninth hour. The words were, “cast down your net to the other side.” The new direction came from a new view that I hadn’t seen during our entire stay. You see, we always entered and exited our hotel from only one direction. On this side were black iron benches for rest, conversations, and waiting for pickups. After exiting the revolving doors walks to the left took people pass massive white pillars and down a huge walk-way towards the parking lot. The scenery, however, invoked a calm, serenity with vibrant colored tropical landscapes. Speaks blended with the flowers and played fun songs.

While waiting for our van to arrive, he suggested walking to the other side of the hotel. We saw this small pond-like area with hundreds of gold fish and catfish. Immediately, this word came to mind about the disciples fishing all night and not able to catch any fish. They had given up and were apparently working on the wrong side of the sea. But, moved at the word of God and took a sail in a different direction. Also, at God’s word, they let down their nets again and caught an abundance of fish. It caused the net to break. The message, new direction and idea became apparent instantly. And, knew upon return, I must change a few things in the business.

Be that as it may, one change to make your life better begins with time apart, rest and hearing God give next steps. Sometimes you have to move to another site, location or area to get the releases and abundance that’s due to you.

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