Do You Want To Become A Writer & Business Owner?

Do You Want To Become A Writer & Business Owner? This Too Pays The Bills

Become a writer and business owner? You’ve got to be kidding me. Unless you’re Jeff Goins, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Les Brown, is there even a chance?

I never thought this would happen to me. My desire to become a writer and business owner remained tucked in my heart for years.

Most of the time, you develop your craft as a writer earlier on in life. While I began writing at six years old, I need to confess two things to you.

The first one is I struggled with reading growing up as a child. I could not comprehend or understand what I read. If a test came immediately or later about a text, simply recalling anything about it was not possible.

Now, that’s just basic comprehension skills, right? I had difficulties remembering the character and the title. I could not recall specific details about a book or current events.

The second confession is writing didn’t come easy for me.  If the teacher asked us to write about a specific topic like Paris, I didn’t talk about Paris in my paper.

I wrote about Japan. These are two separate different cultures with opposing philosophies and different geographies. They have nothing in common.

I’m sure that we can find some similarities, but ultimately there’s nothing in common, right? So, I didn’t do too well with my writing.

With that said, when I first attended college, I had to take remedial reading and writing courses, and I’m bringing this up because you may feel like what you write isn’t good enough to go public.

Every writer struggles in some capacity–even the best of them. They wrestle with book titles and covers, headlines, blogs, book blurbs, character development, content consistency and flow, some grammar, style, and voice, etc.  

The way I overcame both my reading comprehension and writing challenges were by doing more of both consistently, having incredible teachers and mentors and applying faith and prayer.

I am very intentional about writing and reading daily. Keep in mind, when you become a writer, you read daily. Many top earning business owners are intentional readers, too and they have lots to write in their businesses.

Bell Beth Cooper asserts that “Reading exposes us to other styles, other voices, other forms and genres of writing. Importantly, it exposes us to writing that’s better than our own and helps us to improve.”

Using my assessing skills and training as a former high school English teacher, I know a potential writer based on reading skills, writing craft and content.

Notice I didn’t mention grammar. Grammar develops over practice and time. But, nowadays, I can still pinpoint a writer.

Interestingly, I met with a business owner the other day, and she mentioned editing works from millionaire business owners who write books.

She and I observed how some millionaires have learned the art of maintaining their statuses and operate successful businesses. However, many of them lack writing skills.

Sometimes as editors we see long quotes, super long paragraphs, run-on sentences, poorly written work, etc. and part of our jobs is to provide edits and comments.

These 7-figure owners continue to write to inspire and help others. Giving up isn’t in their vocabulary or part of the plan, especially when they know how to make money from the books.

Do You Want To Become A Writer & Business Owner?Remember, they are business owners who understand and have mastered how to market effectively with solid strategies.

What if you can earn a living as a writer and business owner?

It’s very possible this is your calling and purpose: to be a writer that informs, entertains or use the power of persuasion.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t think I could pay the bills as a writer, online marketer, and content strategist.

Let me be amongst the other top earners and experts to say you can make money as a writer, business owner and pay the bills.

To become a writer, who is also a business owner, consider the following:

Write every day. Set time and space each day to write. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way around this.

If you’re a lover of words, write out your favorite quotes both light and complex (those layered in meaning), and explain their meanings.

Write an explanation from the author’s perspective, yours and begin to reflect critically on the subject-matter.

Express the thoughts of your character or be thorough about specific incidents in each chapter or blog.

You can also partake in 30-day writing challenges. Writing challenges are everywhere. Join writing groups or use the search engines for ideas. I suggest 30 days because it takes 30 plus days to form a habit.

Read every day. There are millions of books, magazines, ebooks, articles, blogs, etc. Content is everywhere.

I speak with business owners and writers who do not pick up anything to read. Read things you haven’t thought about reading. There’s no other way around this activity either.

Reading has an incredible influence on your writing and business.

Write Books and Blog. You can write an ebook or physical book and develop a marketing plan to promote it.

The more books you write within a certain time frame the money will surface. Also, once you begin blogging, you can monetize your blogs by selling services, courses and other things.

Of course, this requires marketing that’s why I mention being a business owner. Once you write and sell books, you’re a business owner. There are ways to categorize your blog and content so that you can repurpose it as a book to sell.

Ghostwrite. As you write and read daily, ghostwriting will come easy. You will be able to setup ghostwriting services.

This service is for authors, business owners or entrepreneurs who have a good book idea but don’t have time to write a full-length manuscript.

You can ghostwrite full-length books, book proposals, query letters, synopses, blurbs, articles, blogs, and corporate communications.


Overall, you can see that becoming a writer and business owner is possible. You can pay the bills and make an honest living.

The most Important Part As A Writer & Business Owner is don’t forget to sip on some coffee or your most refreshing beverage.

As you market your books, products, and services, the money will be of a great return. Plus, you can scale upwards more because you’ll have credibility and your audience will begin to see you as an expert.

It’s never too late to become a writer and business owner. This too pays the bills and rewards you with a better lifestyle of freedom. 

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