How Pursuing Happiness in Your Life & Business Matters

How Pursuing Happiness in Your Life & Business Matters

Pursuing Your Happiness

Pursuing your happiness matters. It really matters that you’re happy. It doesn’t make sense to lose yourself, your call to business and writing for someone else.

That’s not what God wants. I know that the Scriptures reveal our abundant lives are hidden in God, but hidden in God means to be protected in a way that we don’t get lost.

And it doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to get lost in any other area of your life.

This losing of self-happened to me some years ago. I am the type of woman that enjoys helping people. I get satisfaction meeting the needs and wants in people so much to the point that I may neglect my needs and my wants. (Note, My actions were of this nature until a recent change, but keep reading).

I didn’t know exactly what to do after coming out of the situation that I’m about to reveal to you. So this blog requires me to be a little transparent to help you find happiness in your life and business.

Hopefully, you’ll endure because I believe some aspects of your life will resonate with what I’m about to say.

I became a classroom teacher some years ago back in 2008-2009 somewhere in that area. When I graduated from grad school, I felt displaced and lost.

Before going to grad school, I owned two businesses; both thriving and flourishing with incredible marketing. One in graphic design and the other as a web designer.

My major in college when I started those two businesses was English writing, and I minored in graphic design.

Graphic design became a part of my heart, especially being able to merge writing with it.

Side note: Graphic design and websites require content creation. Think about optimizing your bio and blog on the site. Content writing has much depth when it comes to optimization.

But anyway enough about that.

I put my businesses on hold listening to the advice of someone that was very dear to me at that time.

It’s perfectly okay to listen to people you admire and respect. However, allowing them to strip your happiness and what you feel called to is another.

During certain seasons in your life, sometimes answers for where you should be at that time will come through dialogue with others.

The right conversation can move you from confusion to peace.

The right conversation will shift you from a dry season to a fruitful season.

The right conversation moves you away from doubt to increased faith.

In this case, usually, you’ll follow this voice from the dialogue and something within resonates with it. It doesn’t mean, however, you’re happy with it.

And if you’re like me, in the church world you’re taught to obey those with experience. Then, all of those familiar words come to mind about obedience. So, you end up following them all for the pursuit of happiness.

How It Looks When You Stop Pursuing Your Happiness

When you are no longer pursuing your happiness, it’s possible to end up “getting lost” on the journey you aren’t supposed to.

You end up not keeping your happiness at the forefront. What looks like you’re in the right lane isn’t because it doesn’t align with your original vision.

What you learn along the way will help your idea, but this isn’t the ultimate plan for your life.

I believe that encounters are seasonal. Before arriving at your final destination, you’ll have pitstops, some detours, and deferments along the way.

The objective is to keep pursuing your happiness without ceasing.

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For example, upon graduating, I felt lost. At the time, a good friend introduced me to teaching. So I began to do that.

I was already involved with teaching on some levels in various communities of faith. But, I took it took it to another level, and I felt okay with it.

I felt safe and secure–like I can do this. I’m an educator and will meet the needs of the learners with passion.

As time progressed, I wanted to become a school principal, so I complete the requirements for certification.

I went back to school to get my principal certification because each state has a different set of rules for principal certification.

Here in Texas, you are required to take classes and go through a certification process through a group or university that connects with the school system here.

So I did that, and I passed everything.

Then, life happened. And, life will do this to get your attention. The universe sometimes allows things to take place to put you back on track.

I followed the role. But, things began to take a turn. Unfortunately, during state testing, I fractured my foot and things just really went downhill.

This incident was something devastating, hurting. It hurt badly. Have you ever wanted a position in life that made you feel like somebody?

Being removed from it because of whatever, you want to take other measures. You may take matters into your hands without moving in faith or even just stepping away to discover what’s happening.

Pursuing happiness at times means by any means necessary. I wanted to become a school principal and own a school one day. I felt safe there and believed in this aspiration at that time.

I just knew this place is where God and the universe wanted me. That’s where God was calling me (so I thought). At the same time, I can be honest and tell you that I wasn’t prayerful about pursuing happiness to be in rhythm with the universe.

Pursuing Your Happiness In Concert With God and Faith Matters for Your Life and Business.

I don’t know if you pray or allow your inner self to connect with the energy of God and faith. Of course, I believe in the power of prayer and how God uses the universe to respond.

But, I wasn’t prayerful about this because I just felt without a shadow of a doubt that’s where God wanted me.

I just knew that’s where I was supposed to be. Not paying attention to the signs, however.

The core of you has energy connected to God, faith and the universe. They speak in many ways and facets. The key here, however, is that you are powerfully in-sync with them more than you know.

You may have opportunities for promotions, and allow others to talk you out of them. It’s possible to feel like you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life.

You’re pursuing happiness, right? What if God and the universe blocked it? You weren’t supposed to be there like it wasn’t meant for me to be a principal.

I remember having a promotion opportunity for one school district. The voices of others led me not to do it. Here’s what happened within two years. All of those newly promoted people ended up having to look for new teaching positions and underwent the entire hiring process again.

Many of them had to find other jobs. So, in reflecting and looking back on this in hindsight, God and the universe protected me from that experience.

When Setbacks Interrupt Pursuing Your Happiness: Here’s What to Do

Let’s briefly talk about setbacks. Sometimes while pursuing your happiness encounters and experiences in life makes it feel like your far away from happiness.

Langston Hughes poses the question, “what happens to a dream deferred?” When you desire badly for happiness and the fulfillment of dreams, life will bring setbacks that cause a pause in your pursuit.

Please try not to let this discourage you. What may help is finding the right sources and resources to walk with you during this time. It’s similar to having an accountability partner or friend.

Often times, my husband encourages me with words of affirmation and praise. And, I’m sure you’ll agree that during moments of a pause in life, words matter mostly from people who hold our best interest at heart.

Here’s when pursuing your happiness in life and business matters mostly. Right people bring motivation and surround you with love. I call them the inner circle of loving cheerleaders.

Whenever you experience the pause from a setback, please think about communicating this sensitive matter to only key people you trust. Pursuing your happiness with toxic, untrustworthy people cause triggers and unnecessary anxiety in your life and business.


Are you actively pursuing happiness in your life and business? No matter where you are in life at this time, one thing I am 100 percent sure of is this.

God gives you the ability to connect with your energy within. And, fills you with grace to endure. God gives you grace for your love to abound and so you can remain patient.

There’s an incredible energy released to wait while you go after happiness. Our desires give us the strength to keep going. That’s when you know you are where God and the universe want you to be.

Take a listen to the podcast episode, “Why Pursuing Your Happiness Matters.” I promise it’ll benefit your life, business and writing. Click here.

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