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How Content Creation Affects Your Brand

Content creation only gets better for your brand. The internet has, of course, revolutionized the whole process of recruitment, making it all but essential to have at least some kind of online presence.

But how do you go about maximizing content creation, your visibility and the positive impact your online presence has on your brand? Therefore, one decision you need to make is curation vs. creation or a combination of the two. And this falls into two broad categories:

Curation means featuring third-party news headlines, linking to interesting blog posts, or liking and retweeting other users’ social media updates.

Creation means publishing your news and blogs, as well as generating social media updates and related media like images, infographics and so on.

We have been talking about the value of each approach since early 2012. And there is still plenty of merit in each method today. Regarding content creation and brand-building though, which method offers the most significant level of authority or ‘voice’?

Content Creation Curation

Planning content from other publishers is a great way to get started, which is ideal for small businesses that may not have in-house editing capabilities. But keep in mind that when you simply forward another user’s social media updates or link to their blog, you’ll amplify their voice, not your voice.

Instead, anyone following you that links to other websites and social network profile pages will eventually be deported to you and turned to the original publisher. However, showing online this way is still better than no status; it shows you are in the pulse of your industry and allows you to test your audience’s reactions to specific topics to make sure you stand in their place.


As your brand grows, it is self-evident to develop your content. Here you can apply your brand directly. You can publish coherent content with a clear tone that supports your agenda or fits perfectly with the niche market you are recruiting for, and so on.

Large companies tend to produce larger content; you can find a good company that can provide training and directs your employees to create web posts and social media updates with the right tone and power.

If all you have done so far is circulating the content of others, it may be time to consider the next step and improve your brand perception, your overall vision, your research and social presence.

Undeniably, over the last couple of years or so, unprecedented changes have occurred affecting the way search engines rank websites. Many businesses that depended on SEO as well as the search traffic felt the effects of these changes and had to come up with better ways of optimizing their websites.

In other words, upping your game and keeping updated with the changes in the algorithms offered by different search engines will help you make the most out of them. The following touch on the crucial factors that will assist in enhancing SEO.

Wipe your website clean

First and foremost, the search engines can examine and identify websites by use of very complex algorithms and most importantly by using indicators. Therefore, this makes the indicators a primary focus for making the websites more examinable and highly ranked by the search engines.

Technically, when your website is clean, meaning it is smoothly running and technically sound, it will pose an indication to the algorithm that all is alright. Things running well imply a good user experience and valuable content.

Since websites get messy and experience webpage internal dysfunction, it is highly paramount to ensure that the website is cleaned thoroughly so everything can run smooth. This will enable the indicators to identify your website.

Dynamic user experience

To increase the time-on-site by users, you definitely have to change the users’ experience. It is intrinsic for the attraction and creation of loyal website visitors as well as users. Indicators use some algorithms to gauge the quality of service given to users.

If it notes good experiences, it will make your website rank high. Some of the factors that the indicators note are speed and navigation.

Speed shows how fast your webpage loads and navigation focuses on how easy it is to access a particular thing from the webpage. Therefore, doing an excellent SEO job starts from the kind of user experience your website offers.

Content quality

Many users will go to websites with content that is easy to read and grasp the message. Videos and pictures enhance easy communication to the users and therefore, need to be on use frequently.

The content needs to be rich with visible texts, accompanied by descriptive photos or videos. Furthermore, since many users are interested in close to 20% of the content, it should be easy to scan.

When you do this, you will make it easy for the algorithm to view your content as high-quality readable material thereby making the algorithms to rank the website highly.

Unprecedented content

Some search engines have established effective ways of identifying websites with unique contents. The mere implication at this point is to make your website content as exceptional as possible.

In that case, when users search for a topic that corresponds to your website content, it will be among others ranked high for such a topic.


If your brand can provide enough information to answer concerns and prove that you are about to ignore your best interests and tight schedules to serve those who are hungry for your brand, more open and honest, and greedy and needy.

This is the essence of social media. Social media does not allow coverage, unnecessary protection of corporate brand failure. I think if the executives of our banking industry are active on the social media, they will get more public sympathy than an annoyance, and they are now made in every way.

Their followers will be able to defend them and take appropriate positions that may have allowed them to land gently in these difficult times.

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