Consumed in Constant Shifts

My Dearest Readers,

It’s been a long time. I know. My move to Durham is wonderful. But, as Joshua and Israel, I’ve come in contact with a few giants. Did I overcome them? Of course, we (Abba and I) did! So, I get to this new land eager to teach. The Father led me to teach Special Ed and Autistic children before English Language Arts. Trust me, it’s consuming. I left only 35 students, and now in the process of teaching 120 students. Talk about increase; enlarging of territory–God did it! Then, I enrolled in the MA program at East Carolina University to pursue a second Masters Degree in English. I’ve been in struggle, however, in part. Someone once told me (in my mid-twenty’s) I would not be a good teacher. Talk about wounding… Abba has been calling and luring me in a different direction. I’m still teaching though–this is an intricate part of my call in community.

This will probably blow your mind, but I’ve been in my new studio working on a CD project. An uneasy ride because I do not consider myself a singer or the best musician. (Perhaps this is because the same individual challenged me vocally and musically). So, here I am now fighting through those words that were spoken and designed for this season. This brings me to my point about shifting. I’ve come to learn that shifting is a rigorous process that Abba uses to move things. Comfortable areas of life become challenged. It is in these moments one feels lack of uncertainty. Therefore, faith is not about seeing everything. It is about obedience. With the shift comes a feeling of, “am I doing the right thing,” and clarity is difficult. The thing to do in this hour is to praise and worship, and make no rash moves or allow joy to be stolen. Working on songs Abba birthed in my spirit has been a time for healing. I’ve been lured into a deeper level of understanding, and called into His inner chambers.

There’s a calm wind in this season. It’s serene and melodious. I can clearly hear blows and feel His direction plainly. My students are settling, and the CD Project is ready for the Master’s touch and release. So, look for it!!!


PS–I intend to write weekly.

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