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Entrepreneurs Success Summit with Business Strategist, Valerie Priester, Empowers Startups & Business Owners

Entrepreneurs Success Summit- Valerie Priester It's time to smack business failure, frustration and overwhelm in the face and tell them to be gone for good. Murfreesboro, TN --I had the pleasure of interviewing another Les Brown top-earner expert and attend the Entrepreneurs Success Summit. Meet Valerie Priester, a top-ranking business strategist who works with newbie business owners and those currently [...] Continue reading

The Millionaire Mindset: The Blueprint You Need To Build Your Business

Millionaire Mindset The U.S. Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs projected that "minorities owned more than 949,000 businesses in 2014, and roughly 11% of those minorities were Black-owned." Other sources predictably report that Black-owned businesses are still substantially lower than Whites. Nevertheless, Black business ownership continues to climb primarily because of a change in mindset. For the past month, [...] Continue reading