Hire Jacqueline T. Hill For Your Business

Hire Jacqueline T. Hill For Your Business

Corporations Hire Jacqueline T. HillHire Jacqueline to increase your sales performance and traffic, write profitable sales copy and content, increase your leads and save on your budget! 

Hire Jacqueline to get up those numbers!

Do you experience a daily loss of customers and clients that are higher than anticipated? Do your projections show pivotal losses year-over-year in advertising and sales? Are you experiencing greater challenges from your competitors?

Let’s get you in front of a new audience and your former audience by creating a true A-B split test in consumer marketing. In addition, together we’ll create a new marketing plan for reach and exposure leveraging the internet by optimizing your website, content, and sales copy for higher search engine ranking. 

Optimization means the higher your company ranks on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., your company will get more organic traffic, which turns into leads and increased sales.   

You may already have your branding and marketing in place, but aren’t seeing the RESULTS your marketing team plans for in your daily meetings. 

Operating a business online requires an understanding of internet data analysis, internet market research, and internet direct sales. I worked for a 500 Fortune Company, whose expertise was in marketing, advertising and a circulation of over 1.3 million daily readers and subscribers.

For 15 years, I’ve helped business owners with marketing and branding analysis, reach and exposure, community partnerships, ghostwriting and content/writing. This is all direct sales inclusive.

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With the new digital age, I assist many companies with social media marketing, platform growth, and engagement.

There are over 100 ways to get more reach and exposure for your product and service. You can leverage both online and offline platforms. Generating revenue consistently on a daily basis requires many approaches in business.

Many companies save millions of dollars per month when they hire Jacqueline. A corporation spends on average over $10 Million monthly on CPC, where they’re not ranking high in search engines and have no backlinks.

I will help your corporation save millions and generate millions by positioning you correctly with optimization and content. You are guaranteed organic traffic and an increase in sales as well as exposure in the marketplace.

Hire Jacqueline To Receive These Services 

Hire Jacqueline T. Hill For Your Business

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Brick and mortar business with no social media or website? Want more attendance at events? Do you want to increase revenue for products or services? Need a writer for your content and or blogs?

These are services provided for your business. You can also hire Jacqueline to provide professional development for your marketing team for thorough training. 

Hire Jacqueline T. Hill for Your Small BusinessHire Jacqueline For Expert Help On A Small Budget. 

  • Are you skeptical about advisors or consultants?
  • Do you want to better your business but don’t know how?
  • Have a book you think will sell but writing holds you back?
  • Got an idea but you’re holding back because you don’t know where to begin or how to start?
  • Do you want to sit down with someone “over a Starbuck’s drink” and just ask all of your questions about business, marketing and or writing?

I get it.

So, let’s sit and talk over a “virtual cup of Starbucks.” Schedule Your FREE strategy call here.

I started consulting with business owners in 2004. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds understand how to astonishingly market their services and products, and get outstanding results. In these consultations, I want to help ease your confusion and get you moving with your ideas.   

our TLA Academy NOW to get started. https://www.thelivingacts.com/tla-courses

Here’s what you’ll get when you hire Jacqueline

  • Two 45-minute phone consultations– afterward I will send an audio recording of the conversation, so you can listen to it over and over. This will eliminate any and all distractions. And, you can take notes afterward. You’ll get “honest talk” from me. No flattery. No fluff. Just an informed opinion and evaluation to help you move forward.
  • Developing business skills and knowledge
  • Creating a business model
  • Developing a research marketing plan
  • Determining marketing techniques
  • Learning how to use the marketing technique

How does this sound to you?

Consultants work with clients on strategy, planning, problem-solving and to help grow their business.  However, some owners do not trust outside sources for assistance. That’s a very common trait in new small business owners. Here are four situations where you could gain from this investment:

1. You know your business idea can generate money, but you have many ideas and it feels confusing as to where to begin.

2. You have been down this road before. Someone has hurt you or scammed you out of money. Another person made promises you got nowhere with no results.

3. There is a lot of information when you search. It feels very overwhelming and exhaustive. So, you just continue with the “I already know what to do” cycle.

4. You see the other side of how businesses can thrive, make money, and expand to new markets daily. You want this badly, and I can help you get there.

There are no losses here–ONLY GAINS:

  • Helping you learn how to develop and implement projects
  • Giving advice
  • Teaching skills
  • Brainstorming together to produce reasonable results and 
  • Enhancing strategic thinking

Alternatives to the Consultation

Hire Jacqueline to build your business, brand, or writing level. One QUICK START way is to take her courses through TLA Academy. The Academy offers ways to plan your idea, how to market and brand, how to write your first book, and MORE! TLA Academy is growing FAST!

Apply Now for a FREE 45 Minute Strategy Call

Please be advised that Jacqueline is in the Central Time Zone. She conducts consultations between 10 a.m and 1 p.m. CST, Monday through Thursday. Jacqueline will review your options once submitted and confirm a time that works with her schedule. Please allow one week to prepare and organize for consultations.