Growth Mindset Develops Successful Business Owners

How A Growth Mindset Develops Successful Writers & Business Owners

Do you have a growth-mindset that focuses on change and innovation?

There are two types of mindsets: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. The growth mindset is open to new ways of thinking.

Desires for a better life, career and relationships sprout from this thought process. Interestingly, early stages of life develop only one mindset, but there’s room for growth.

The fixed mind says, “not yet” or “this isn’t working. It never works!” This mindset also believes things are unchangeable.

The fixed view is the cause of many conflicts in relationships, careers, and willingness to learn. A growth mindset sees the positive in every situation.

A Growth Mindset Says There’s No Need For Perfection

Perfectionism can be a lonely and insecure place. Being perfect creates many emotions, especially fears. Perfect says “it must be without blemish.”

To display yourself or actions below the highest standards only increases anxiety levels and concerns. These stressors reveal a limited understanding of self.

The self-part is very human–all fall short. A growth mind accepts flaws and mistakes. You can form a new way of seeing the “world as is” instead of what you think it should be.

Use self-awareness. Capture the thoughts and behaviors which lead towards “this project has to be the best!”

Be sensitive. Train your mind to recognize when it begins to bring pressure about making mistakes. Position yourself to accept things can be done in a variety of ways. Instead of thinking best is the epitome. Receive good enough is fine.

I thought my marketing strategies, ad copy, ebooks, blogs, and business conversations, etc. all needed to be perfect. I’m not referring to polished grammar. Rather, I’m talking about feeling the need to always look and sound as if I have it all together.

This isn’t true. I may hesitate with words and write longer sentences, or write a headline that doesn’t convert. No need to stress over these things.

When things don’t work out or not said right, I fix them. I tell myself it’s okay to make a mistake. Mistakes help you and me learn what not to do next time.

I understand the emotions of embarrassment and shame. These feelings continually teach me that sometimes people need to see my humanness. Mistakes run in our blood. At the same time, being humans of greatness, abundance and excellence stream in our DNA, too.

A Growth Mindset Understands Business Is A Work In Progress

Successful leaders take risks. Also, 7 figure-owners take bigger risks with investments, marketing, branding, and advertising.

If all else fails, see each opportunity as a learning experience. Don’t avoid business or life challenges. All efforts are fruitful and different ways are used to approach the “business world.”

Work values become fluid enough to learn cultures in various regions, countries, modes of production and masses.

Simultaneously, they maintain worth and benefit without any exertion. Not forcing or devaluing any merits of your business only helps its progress.

The growth mindset grasps how reworking plans, repurposing ads and restrategizing, again and again, are real priorities of having a sustainable business and work environments.

A Growth Mindset Helps Devise Ways For Business Growth

Be creative. The innovative thinker is always creative. Creative leaders come up with many methods to grow their business.

Avoid getting trapped into a “narrow-minded” mentality. Take for example a business crisis, you see it as a “fork in the road.”

The growth (creative) mindset believes one part holds a likely better condition. The fixed mindset sees the other as a worse side.

According to Maxwell Maltz, “If we can maintain an aggressive attitude, react aggressively instead of negatively to threats and crises, the very situation itself can act as a stimulus to release untapped powers.”

Another instance is to recognize you’re not going to “out-Samsung Samsung.” An entity like Samsung has been around for years.

Don’t stress yourself trying to beat companies like them making the rules. The (creative) growth mindset redefines those rules from the “tapped powers” for business growth.

You learn to be intentional about self-development and professional development. This means reading self-development books, biographies of strongly established experts, various works of fiction, articles and blogs.

If you’re a visual learner, then don’t hesitate to incorporate videos, courses, and infographics. I speak with many business owners daily. The greater majority of them don’t read. I must conclude they have a fixed mindset in this area.

But, the other business owners like writers, bloggers, and authors that I know, are daily readers. Come to think of it. Most writers are readers. This is why we have so much to write and talk about at any time. It’s because we fill our minds with great things to discuss, reflect critically on and get inspired from to write.

A Growth Mindset Builds Enduring & Last Longing Relationships

Build relationships with like-minded leaders. Positive wants to be around positive. Being a successful leader requires you to become protective of your space, time and money. A growth mindset leader’s ultimate goal is to grow.

Hang out with others who have open minds to live “free” and “flow.” With this in mind, you cannot afford to be static.

Your relationships should only be constant in areas of improvement. It becomes apparent to stay clear of leaders who have abusive and controlling qualities.

They can create more relationships with fixed mindsets. Their relationships do not grow nor learn and do not move forward.

The growth-mindset understands relationships have potential to take on new things, and failures are routines in everyone. Hence, what makes the bonds strong is the ability to show patience and understanding.


Overall, I like to think of a growth mindset as freedom and liberation. Whereas, a fixed mindset keeps you restricted, limited and weak.

And, you’re too good to have a fixed mindset. You are destined to grow and reach your fullest potential every day.

Walk into your purpose with a growth mindset. The life of abundance awaits you on the other side. Once you tap into it, I know you’ll never return to the fixed mindset.

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