Feeling Prophetically Poetic

Rethinking Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18-Line 1, in Particular

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
I’m in a space of prayer, where asking Abba to baptize me with fire daily is bitter sweet. While I enjoy waking to the Son’s-light-and-sweetness, His rays are yet tenderly and potently burning within me. This prophetic sensation will not disappear, and I’m assuredly convinced that this feeling should be within every authentic Christian daily. So, Abba reveals to me during class, “It’s Love.” Simple. Nothing deep. A word we are familiar and acquainted with. It preaches and teaches hourly via sermons, actions, body language, voice and words. Some receive it. Others resist.
My latest read (for the 3rd time) is a classic, “Prepare for War,” by Dr. Rebecca M. Brown. She takes the mind and spirit of the reader on a slow walk to understand the fire baptism process. Brown’s experiences resonate with my deepest desire. This process permits the fire of Abba to burn away and endow with power simultaneously. The power becomes both ultimate and extreme. It is a fire with love riding within and on its flames. It is love compared to a summer’s day.

Trust me. I am having experiences in Abba’s chambers found within the inner courts. This place is entered by total surrender and sincerity. It’s a space where the vices of not forgiving, bitterness, coldness, etc. cannot enter. I have spent years in the outer court being surface, not reflecting on the self, nor acknowledging serious matters of my heart. (I need to mention this space will attract more levels of persecution.) Many people are religious, having a form of godliness, but denying the power of God. You know, the ones that are always good or fine or blessed. I learned via a colleagues blog that true blessedness is found in suffering. (-Reread the Beatitudes).

Summer days are beautiful, yet blazing with heat. They can be fun, and cause burns that damage. Too much heat causes withering, dehydration and strokes. Summer days cause body swelling. Summer days release “lovers” everywhere: friendships, relationships, marriages, anniversary’s, etc. Summer discusses love uniquely. Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day? is asking the lover to connect and locate a potent similarity between what is felt, perceived, eye-witnessed and experienced on a specific, loving day that will always linger, remain and never be lost.

Shall I compare what Abba has stirred in me to a summer’s day? It’s complete– Love.



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