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9 Ways To Kickstart A Healthy Lifestyle & Lose Weight Daily with SheNesia Ewing

Healthy Lifestyle with SheNesia Ewing

We’re talking about a healthy lifestyle: How Entrepreneurs can begin a new life with the right foods and fitness with Fitness Trainer & Life Coach SheNesia Ewing in today’s podcast.

Ever find yourself sitting too much at your home workstation, or wanting to include some quick fitness routines throughout your day and lose weight daily?

As you become more involved in the daily operations of your home-based business, eventually you realize it’s time for a healthy lifestyle. You feel the need to change because of feeling sluggish, exhaustion and eating the wrong food. Feeling the need to start a better lifestyle begins to bubble up inside.

So, I empathize. Too much sitting and not enough breaks. SheNesia says, “taking breaks is the important part of entrepreneurship because it keeps the metabolism alert.” You may feel extremely fatigued and lack an exercise routine all due to not being health conscious. But, here’s what I’ve come to realize like the other 7-figure earners. After a while, you want to not only make money, travel and live the abundant life; you also want to look and feel your best at all times.

My guest today is the epitome expert in the field of lifestyle, fitness, and business. Help me welcome SheNesia Ewing. She’s a beautiful wife, mom, lover of her workouts and passionate about helping others discover a new self. She is thoroughly knowledgeable in her field and well-trained through academic scholarship, daily fitness routines, entrepreneurial practices, writing, and research. Now embarking upon the doctoral degree in fitness, SheNesia is certainly one who undoubtedly understands nutrition, fitness, and entrepreneurship.

During this episode, she talks about nine ways to begin a new fitness lifestyle, what foods to eat for pre and post workouts and the importance of movement daily. We also dive into her suggested routines for some quick cardio. One impressive observation from this conversation is the way SheNesia connects fitness and healthy living to entrepreneurship.

Growing in entrepreneurship your mindset begins to shift towards fitness and healthy living. The objective is for you to have the lifestyle you desire while having financial freedom. After changing your eating habits with a focus on daily fitness, your lifestyle and business will flourish in fresh ways.

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Special thanks to SheNesia for joining me this week. Until next time! Peace!


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