Writing Your Best Adult Learners Edition

Dear Learner,

I am so excited to work with you! Together, we will transform your writing experience. I desire to see you turn in your best-written papers, and keep your instructors awestruck! This new journey is one to be beautifully and soundly branded in our minds.

In his book, “The Courage to Teach,” Parker J. Palmer says, “You are who you teach.” This statement offended me initially. However, after much self-reflection and consideration, I knew he was right. You see, I once wore your same moccasins; struggling to write for school. My teachers were paid to lecture–not teach per se. Only a few instructors teach the material. It took me two semesters to understand this. By way of confession, my initial entry in college was through a remedial writing course. If you know like me, these classes don’t count as credit towards your degree. My teacher, during this time, showed me my errors and gave me proper feedback. She helped me recognize the importance of staying on topic.  But, really understanding the writing process, structure and transitions came from one-to-one tutoring. Years later I compounded this experience by thoroughly evaluating and analyzing OVER THOUSANDS  of papers. The math is evident due to being an educator for over a decade.

Now, here we are. You and I ready to enter this outstanding world of writing! Are you ready to begin? Fill out the form below. You will be directed to the payment process. I will email you afterward right away!

Looking forward to becoming your new Mentor! GET READY FOR WRITING YOUR BEST!