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Hey There! I am Jacqueline.

My readers tell others that my multi-genre writings will “lure you into highly emotional feels” about finding love, friendships and forgiveness through real world struggles. I am a published writer and contributor on major platforms including Lifehack.org and more. From collegiate levels to professional outlets, I have ghostwritten books and articles. And now my library includes, poems, self-help books, contemporary romance, blogs and essays. 

“Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies Dance To Jazz”

Read Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies to understand the journey, find pieces of yourself and perhaps your own personal experience, or to become familiar with someone else’s journey. This collection aims to touch the heart, soothe the soul, act as a salve to life’s pressures, and to give you permission to find your joy.

Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies Dance to Jazz

40 Ways To Cope And Love Life Even More At Age 40

We say life begins at age 40 and we mean every word of it. But to cope and love life at this age can feel a bit cumbersome. No point feeling old while you’re at the prime of your life. In the words of a dying old woman who had been fortunate enough to live […]

Why Do Writers Use Figurative Language 2019

A good writer should be able to use all the tools at his or her disposal to engage and pass information across to the target audience. One of the ways writers do this is by the use of figurative language. Depending on the type of writing, writers strive to employ many literary tools in their […]

Becoming A Writer At 40: It’s Never Too Late

Thinking about becoming a writer at 40? Becoming a writer at 40 or above is possible. It’s not too late to write a book, article or blog. You’re on time to write. Did you know that Toni Morrison was 40 years old when she published “The Bluest Eye,” her first novel? She would later go […]

Why I Wrote Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies Dance To Jazz

Writing Metamorphosis: Purple Butterflies Dance to Jazz I love writing –metamorphosis is my life. I’m the writer who pours her heart into words to tell stories readers will relate to and connect with while reading them. These poems and short stories came to life during my undergrad years between 2002 and 2005. They were tucked […]

The 90 Day Writing Challenge: Lessons And Outcomes

90 days. 100,000+ words. 11,000 new page views. 850 new weekly views. Higher search engine rankings. What more can one ask for during a 90-day writing challenge? The journey has been long, trying and rewarding. I’m Jacqueline, and as of today, I’ve accomplished an incredible milestone. This post marks my final, 90th day for completion […]

Writing A Book Your Fans Will Love, Buy And Return For More!

There’s nothing worse than coming home day after day thinking “How do you write your first book? I’m not experienced enough to write my first book.” It’s agitating and frustrating. You tell your bestie or close friends about the idea. But, there’s no motivation to begin because you don’t know how to start, and you […]

Welcome to my Writing Empire!

I’m Jacqueline T. Hill, a writer first, who enjoys writing about self-development, education, fiction and non-fiction. I love helping brands, ministries and businesses – whether small or large – find ideal clients and followers, gain more exposure, and ultimately eke out decent profits from telling their stories through ghost writing blogs and books, features and social media ads.

As an expert writer, I regularly pool from my wealth of writing experience and offer tons of invaluable content writing, which will help you earn more, increase traffic and visibility.



If you’re a small brand or small faith-based brand, you’re probably asking:

  • How can we become gain better online visibility?
  • How can we discover our customers or fans in new ways to boost our products or services?
  • How can we publish content more effectively?

If you’re looking to blog or create content, you’re probably asking:

  • How can we learn and use blogging and content creation to achieve more profits?

If you’re an already an established brand, you’re probably asking:

  • How can I scale higher margins and gains with a content writer?

…guess what? You’re in the right place as you’ll find all your answers here!

But who am I to be running a portal for content writing?

Well, I am a certified English teacher and writer. I became fascinated and obsessed
with the fact that it’s possible to partner with brands online as a content writer and become a writer.

I have proven to be a success, and some of my works have been featured on
BlackNews.com, Digital Journal, SmallBiz, Indie Soul, among others. 
Now I’m on a mission to help brands and faith-based brands become
better with content and accomplish your goals.

My approach is no-holds-barred. From my personal experiences in the industry,
I’ll help you build an unshakable online presence with content,
master the craft of brand awareness, and ultimately scale upwards
with eye-popping numbers. Sounds interesting, right? 

Now, work with Jacqueline T. Hill using one proven strategy for your writing, book sales and traffic!