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Now, Increase your numbers so you can make money! Do you think your business, writings or books need more exposure and reach?

How does the number +480K people sound to you? Yes! You read the number right! I reached this number in less than 90 days.

Can you imagine the excitement for this number?

At first glance, it’s hard in the beginning to grow your business. It’s hard to get your writing and book before the right audience. When no one knows you, they just won’t pay attention. Shoot! It’s even harder to promote and expose your brand to a few hundred. Not having enough money days are real. They don’t stop coming. Makes you wonder how “can I get my product or service in front of people with NO MONEY!”

Here are two main ingredients missing in any business: TARGETED MARKETING & ADVERTISING. Without them, your business will suffer and possibly not make it. You see, I finally came to understand how targeted marketing and advertising are the heartbeats to a business.

There’s always the FREE option using social media.  Joining tons of groups works for some. But, not for others because of specific strategies. I didn’t use the approach with FREE groups. Some groups just aren’t welcoming or friendly. This may not be your experience. To the one who can relate knows what I mean.

My work life began in corporate with advertising, marketing, and circulation directors. I watched these executives spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the business. They got SIGNIFICANT money returns and customer gains. So, I use some of their strategies plus more to get before THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE. 

But, I use it with way LESS money. I’m talking as low as $5.

My business turned full-time on January 27, 2017. You’re looking at a certified former High School teacher whose salary (after deductions) was only $32,000 per year. I lived off of $200 per month after expenses.

When my business shifted from part-time to full-time,  I had to budget differently for advertising and marketing. And, desperately needed extra funds for them. I made necessary sacrifices. For example, I sold my college books from three degrees. I sold clothes and got rid of my BMW. Some family members and friends sponsored different promotions. Hubby took on extra work.

The goal was to have at least $100 per month to advertise and market. I reached it every month without fail. This really mattered to me like your business matters.

You have an OUTSTANDING product or service someone is waiting for. Corporate and experienced millionaire experts taught me HOW to go where the target market hangs out. And, sometimes they’re in the least places we business owners think about.

So, here I am to help you. A great percentage of your target market is in 480k people.

How do I know? Well… I have targeted to authors, writers, business owners, student writers, online writers, online business owners, you NAME IT! They come to my pages, and we track our traffic here and on social media.

This offer will not last long! As we grow, the numbers grow! Why not take advantage of a sweet deal?

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