Your Ultimate FREE 15-Minute Consultation

Having a bunch of ideas can cause total confusion.

I totally understand. Believe me. That’s why I am giving you FREE 15 Minutes for conversation. Our talk will give you tips and a few resources to help you smooth out the gray areas of launching your idea.

Are you ready to have that needed conversation for your idea?

Successful Founders and CEO’s Seek Top Experts ALL of the time.

Solo entrepreneurs become mentees to mentors that understand small business economics and growth. They meet with advisors and consultants for each level of needed and wanted gains. Often times, the micro business owners desire audience reach and exposure for their brands. The key for many of them is to connect with the right consultant.

I began work as a consultant in 2002. It is always my intention to help small business owners execute their dreams and desires. During the consultations, we talk about your visions and new directions, and how to move forward.

One change can catapult you to your purpose. A real “yes” will shift you into a new season. The right conversation can alter your life for better.

Change can be the best decision for your life. If you have a burning desire to start a business or write a book, why waste another minute? It doesn’t hurt to learn how to transition into your dreams. People often have hidden these questions:

“How do you make the change?”
“How do I start?”
“I have ideas, but where do I begin?”
Within 15 mins, you can get your plans organized and in motion.

People take risks out of fears, uncertainty, hesitations and apprehensions for consultations. Be assured that by the end of the conversations, they got answers and direction.

This FREE 15 minute consultation will help you:

-organize your ideas
-move forward with your book or business vision
-implement your idea

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Please be advised that Jacqueline is in the Central Time Zone. She conducts consultations between 10 a.m and 1 p.m. CST, Monday through Thursday. Jacqueline will review your options once submitted and confirm a time that works with her schedule. Please allow one week to prepare and organize for consultations.