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Do you have a passion for writing brilliant content and helping people? If so, we want you to write for us!

The purpose of The Living Acts (TLA) is to equip aspiring writers, authors, and bloggers with the tools needed to write content that leads to more exposure, more followers, and more sales. 

Why Write for TLA?

By contributing to our blog, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Craft amazing content that will position you as the writing expert
  • Hone your writing and blogging skills
  • Increase your exposure to an expanded audience
  • Share links back to your own website
  • Gain more social media followers and email subscribers

Article Style & Content

Here at TLA, we don’t just accept any old article! Each article is evaluated thoroughly to ensure it meets our writing standards.

With that, here are some guidelines to use to increase your chances of your article being approved:

  1. TLA accepts high-quality articles that are SEO-optimized and relevant to our audience. In return we will provide backlinks to the author’s website and/or social media.
  2. Some of the topics we like to see are:
    • Self-development
    • Happiness
    • How to improve the creative process
    • How to increase other writers’ exposure to new or existing audiences
    • Developing or increasing your social media following
    • How to profit from writing and publishing
  3. At TLA, we want to captivate our audience and provide them with quality information they can actually use. We require that your article is informative and educational, without being boring or dry. Wow us!

Do's & Don'ts


  1. send sales pitches or press releases. They will NOT be accepted.
  2. use bogus links or questionable sources in your content.
  3. send previously published content from your site or other sites. This is plagiarism and it’s just wrong.
  4. be vague. Our audience wants tangible, actionable content!
  5. self-promote. The goal is to benefit readers, not yourself.
  6. send topic ideas; only send the fully written article you’d like to submit.

Using any of the tactics above will get your article rejected immediately.


  1. include YouTube videos relevant to your content in your article. This will increase SEO and provide another medium for readers to absorb the concepts of your article.
  2. accurately quote and cite sources (put the link in brackets). We do not tolerate plagiarism!
  3. include info graphics and quote graphics. It’s a great way to get your message across in a visual way, as long as the graphics are not plagiarized.
  4. include between 1000-2500 words of high-quality content, free of fluff and technical jargon.
  5. use subheadings and short paragraphs that are easy to scan and digest.
  6. include keywords for SEO purposes within your content.
  7. include at least one actionable step for our readers to take (without being self-promotional).

If Your Post is Accepted & Published...

We agree to:

  • Support your work by sharing your article with our community on social media.
  • We may also share articles in our community newsletter where appropriate.

You agree to:

  • Share the article via email with your subscribers.
  • Share the article on your social media channels.
  • Reply to comments on your article on TLA within the first week of it being posted live, since you are the expert on your topic and it increases the connection to your readers.

Submitting Your Article

Please email your article, exactly per the below guidelines, to info [at] thelivingacts [dot] com (or fill out the form at the bottom of the page).

If you’re not using the below form, begin the e-mail subject with “[TLA Article Submission]” (without the quotes).

Please provide the following in the exact order within the e-mail body (NOT as an attachment):

  1. Article title
  2. Article body
  3. Your bio (120 words or less)
  4. Website link
  5. Social Media links
  6. Bio Photo
    • Please attach to your email (high resolution, square, minimum size 250 x 250 px, jpg or png format).

Important! Process & Terms

  • Please submit only 1 article at a time.
  • We do read every submission that we receive, and appreciate your contribution. However, our team is very small and we receive a lot of submissions, so we may not be able to respond to every contribution.
  • If your article has been accepted we will let you know within 14 calendar days of receiving your article. We will also then let you know the go-live date of your article and when it can be shared with your audience.
  • If you have not heard back within 14 calendar days, your article has likely been rejected, likely due to not meeting the criteria or rules above, or we already have content that already addresses your topic.

By submitting articles to TLA you acknowledge that:

  • Submitting an article for consideration does not guarantee that it will be published. Articles are evaluated based on adherence to the above writing guidelines, the subject matter, and also in accordance with the TLA website brand, mission and values.
  • TLA does not pay for content contributed.
  • You accept our Terms of Use.
  • We can modify, edit, or alter the article you’ve provided as we see fit. This includes grammar, formatting, or content changes.
  • When an article is published on our site, it is then owned by TLA and you are not permitted to re-publish that content anywhere else, including on your own site, without prior approval from TLA.
  • We may decline or approve articles without providing feedback. As stated above, our time is limited and we may not provide a reason for rejecting your article.

Excited to Get Started?

So are we! Submit your article by filling out the below form per the above guidelines today!

Jacqueline T. HIll Business Consultant & Writer