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9 Ways To Kickstart A Healthy Lifestyle & Lose Weight Daily with SheNesia Ewing

Healthy Lifestyle with SheNesia Ewing We’re talking about a healthy lifestyle: How Entrepreneurs can begin a new life with the right foods and fitness with Fitness Trainer & Life Coach SheNesia Ewing in today’s podcast. Ever find yourself sitting too much at your home workstation, or wanting to include some quick fitness routines throughout your day and lose weight daily? As [...] Continue reading

Podcast 2017 Highlights: Strengths, Weaknesses And New Year Goals

This podcast offers highlights from 2017. I give very transparent reflections from my business encounters. Do you find yourself reflecting on should-of could-of would-of's? Strengths and weaknesses bring balance to humans. Depending on your perspective, they either help you or keep away from dealing with reality. So, why not reflect? Reflection and analysis are essential components in [...] Continue reading

Key #4-HOW TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING TOPICS from the EBook Writing Your Way Through Fears

Taken from my book Writing Your Way Through Fears: 7 Secrets to Unlock Your Powerful Writing  KEY #4 How to Research for Writing Topics Research is an essential key to writing. You need more than prior knowledge. What I mean by prior knowledge is any experiences, encounters, and familiarities with a particular subject or topic. Adding [...] Continue reading

How to Communicate Commitment to Your Partner

Trust issues. Emotional Unavailability. Fear. These are feelings anyone can have after experiencing commitment breaches. We often bring old and current commitment habits and ruptured emotions into our new spaces. New relationships often project the “perfected” sides in each partner. During this time, commitment issues aren't at the surface because each encounter is happy. Commitment questions linger in [...] Continue reading