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Podcast 2017 Highlights: Strengths, Weaknesses And New Year Goals

This podcast offers highlights from 2017. I give very transparent reflections from my business encounters. Do you find yourself reflecting on should-of could-of would-of's? Strengths and weaknesses bring balance to humans. Depending on your perspective, they either help you or keep away from dealing with reality. So, why not reflect? Reflection and analysis are essential components in [...] Continue reading

Jacqueline T. Hill Cyber Monday Deal

Cyber Monday Sale Dear Mompreneurs, Homeschool Moms, Moms with Struggling Students to Write, & Adult learners, It's Cyber Monday and I can't resist any longer. We're currently planning our new calendar. This outstanding thought interrupts our conversation. "Let's help out the parents and their children!"By now, you don't have to guess anymore about their writing ability. Here at TLA, we're [...] Continue reading

Key #4-HOW TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING TOPICS from the EBook Writing Your Way Through Fears

Taken from my book Writing Your Way Through Fears: 7 Secrets to Unlock Your Powerful Writing  KEY #4 How to Research for Writing Topics Research is an essential key to writing. You need more than prior knowledge. What I mean by prior knowledge is any experiences, encounters, and familiarities with a particular subject or topic. Adding [...] Continue reading

Do You Have the Right Temperament For Your Small Businesses?

Business & Writing to Make A Profitable Income SmallBizLady:  What is Temperament? Jacqueline T. Hill:  Temperament is the personality we are innately born with that shapes our behaviors. Behaviors or actions are a reflection of our personalities. Although it’s believed most of our personalities are inherited, the greater parts are influenced and shaped by our environments and people. SmallBizLady:  What are the temperament [...] Continue reading
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