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Black Woman Proves Successful with Structured Writing Model for Low-Performing Students & Adult Learner Drop-Outs

Jacqueline T. Hill, the Writer Arlington, TX — Another teacher exits the classroom. But, it’s not because of the stresses, classroom behaviors and loads of paperwork. Teachers have 50 minutes to teach your 8th grader or high school child how to write. This is not enough time to prepare struggling writers for various careers and college. [...] Continue reading

Do You Have the Right Temperament For Your Small Businesses?

Business & Writing to Make A Profitable Income SmallBizLady:  What is Temperament? Jacqueline T. Hill:  Temperament is the personality we are innately born with that shapes our behaviors. Behaviors or actions are a reflection of our personalities. Although it’s believed most of our personalities are inherited, the greater parts are influenced and shaped by our environments and people. SmallBizLady:  What are the temperament [...] Continue reading


Language. Words we use to communicate with each other. Different “circles” speak a common vernacular. From business professionals to everyday ordinary people, each group understands the usage of their commonly used terms. As you grow, your social interactions shift some and may altogether. Typical 9 to 5 workers share one common thread: arrive to work [...] Continue reading