[PODCAST] What To Do During Disappointments

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Life. Can. Drive. You. Crazy. Right? As everyone believes, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” Do you ever have days where one blow after another comes? I’ve seen a plethora of posts today of people venting about feelings of frustration, anger, hurts, pain and disappointment. Oh, and the posts also talked about the latest massacre in Las Vegas.

Today’s podcast talks about what to do during such times. We all have them. Some last for a day. Others can last for days, weeks, months and years. But, how you deal with and overcome disappointments matters a lot for your future progress and growth.

I discuss 3 ways to help you get through your day. It’s a terrible feeling not knowing how to cope or get through the next 12 hours upon waking. Waking up to bad news, an overdrawn bank account, electric turned off, car repossession, lack of partnership connection, or a death of a loved one can start off your mornings wrong. And, with such blows it’s hard to go immediately into prayer…it’s easier to react  with negative emotions.

So, I delve into 3 keys to help get through the day. I believe in taking one day at a time and seizing bad moments as best as possible. Any day can turn from frustration to contentment depending on your outlook, faith and perspective. There are missing elements in your life that can help you during uncomfortable encounters. These elements are important to your well-being, and will eliminate trauma.

Now, listen to today’s podcast, “What To Do During Disappointments.”


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